A Revolution In Advertising For The Billion Dollar Marijuana Industry

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What is the Smoke Exchange?

The Smoke Exchange is the worlds first self-serve advertising platform for the marijuana industry. This digital marketplace will enable advertisers and publishers to buy and sell advertising space on a real-time auction based bidding platform.


Currently, the billion-dollar marijuana industry is not allowed to advertise on any traditional platform such as Google Adwords, Facebook, Taboola, Outbrain etc. because of the potential impact it could have on their current partnerships and user base. As a result, the industry is left with basically one option and that is to go through a marketing agency who manages the campaign for them. The problem is that these traffic packages are expensive and filled with low-quality inventory simply because it provides more revenue for the middleman and the publisher. We are here to solve that problem and provide a self-serve platform that allows the user to track their conversions and statistics in real-time which will allow them to quickly optimize their campaigns for maximum profit.

Billions Spent On Advertising

Billions Spent On Advertising

Tremendous Industry Growth

Tremendous Industry Growth

aOur objective is to provide the billion-dollar marijuana industry with the best available solution to advertise products and services. Our easy to use platform will allow website owners with a quick and easy solution to sell their traffic to product owners and service providers directly connected to their industry.

aThe marijuana industry is growing rapidly and has millions of dollars reserved for marketing purposes that they are not able to easily spend. Our vision is to provide them with a solution to this problem and to provide this growing industry with the technology they need to easily grow their businesses.

aWe will be aggressively marketing our new platform to the world’s largest marijuana-related websites and apps. We will be working to onboard as many publishers as possible and to provide them with better pricing than the competition. Our sales team will also be onboarding advertisers with coupons that will allow them to try the platform for free.

  • First Self-Serve Exchange For Marijuana
  • Operates 100% On Crypto-Currency
  • Real-Time Bidding & Statistics
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Native Ads, Display & Pops
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Proprietary Anti-Fraud Protection
  • Bi-Weekly Payouts To Publishers
  • Easy Conversion Pixel Setup
  • Dedicated Legal Compliance Team
  • Deposits/Payouts in BTC, ETH, DOPE & SMX
  • Other MMJ Cryptos To Be Added Later
  • 10% Bonus For Payments In DopeCoin

Our prototype is already built! Additional features and UI redesign are next. Expect the beta version to launch in Q1 of 2018.

How is the token used?

The Smoke Exchange token (SMX) is used to buy advertising credit on the platform and is the only form of currency used internally by the software.

For example, if you wanted to buy $100 worth of advertising credit you would have 2 options.

1. You can transfer $100 dollars worth of SMX tokens to your advertising account.

2. You can purchase tokens on the Smoke Exchange using BTC, ETH or DOPE which will automatically convert and be available for use.

Publishers who are selling advertising space will have the option of being paid in BTC, ETH, DOPE or SMX.

Token Distribution

The Token sale for round 2 will start on December 22nd, 2017 and run until the launch of the beta version of the platform.

Each SMX token will be sold for $1.10 USD each.

ICO participants can pay in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum,
Dash, or DopeCoin.

ICO participants paying in DopeCoin will receive a 10% bonus.

  • Public Sale

  • Core Development

  • Advisors And Bounties

What is the business plan?

We realize that our biggest challenge will be from a business development standpoint. In order to address this issue, we will be putting a tremendous amount of our efforts and resources into creating a strong sales and marketing force that will focus on on-boarding new publishers and advertisers from around the world.

This will be accomplished by attending conferences and trade shows, soliciting existing connections, large-scale marketing campaigns, reverse engineering any competitors, looking for media opportunities, and the good old-fashioned way, picking up the phone.

As for the benefits of the platform…

Publishers will be given an opportunity to escape the pricing associated with going through a third party marketing agency and will be presented with higher payouts than they are currently used to seeing.

Agencies will now have a self-serve platform to buy traffic for their customers and will have access to additional inventory not currently available to them.

Advertisers will finally be able to have control over their own marketing campaigns and will no longer have to buy expensive packages through third parties filled with low-quality traffic that does not convert. This will allow the marijuana industry to finally bring their marketing efforts back in-house where they belong.

Additionally, we will be launching a massive marketing campaign that will be giving away $50 – $100 coupons, similar to what Google Adwords does, so that new advertisers can jump onboard and try the platform for free.

As we build our network and expand our reach we will also be soliciting to have DopeCoin and SMX accepted as a payment method for marijuana products and services worldwide.

From a technological standpoint, we will be focused on creating an easy to use user interface that allows new users to have a stress-free experience while also providing more advanced features and reporting for our more experienced CPM marketers.

The last main component is customer service.

We will focus on creating a well-trained and capable team that is able to solve any platform related challenges as quickly as possible. Additionally, we want to make sure that the on-boarding process is as easy and seamless as possible so we will be focused on creating tutorial videos and a knowledge base that helps newcomers to the platform have a positive experience.

How does the platform make money?

It’s very simple, advertisers pay the publishers to display their ads and the publisher pays the platform a commission for serving the traffic. Advertisers or publishers who decide to pay or be paid in DopeCoin will receive a 10% bonus.

  • Business Development

  • Software and Infrastructure

  • Marketing

  • Legal and Administration

  • Contingencies


Business development will be our main focus and use of resources. We will be launching the beta version of the platform in Q1 of 2018.



The Roadmap

  • Q1 – 2017

    DopeCoin Gold launches and publicly announces that they will be building an advertising exchange that will accept DopeCoin as a payment method on the BitcoinTalk forums.

  • Q2 – 2017

    DopeCoin Gold goes from a $40,000 USD valuation to a $5 million dollar market cap. After a price correction, it holds strong at $2.5 million providing a +2119.23% ROI for early investors.

  • Q3 – 2017

    Research and development of the new advertising exchange becomes the top development priority. A team of legal and technical experts is assembled to facilitate the upcoming project.

  • Q3 – 2017

    Prototype of the Smoke Exchange advertising platform is developed to show proof of concept and some of the features that will be available once the project is completed.

  • Q3 – 2017

    All aspects of an upcoming ICO are created and audited. Including the white paper, smart contracts, security and legal obligations. ICO prepares for launch in September.

  • Q3 – 2017

    Pre-sale is scheduled to start in late September. ICO launch will follow shortly after and last for a total of 4 weeks. There will a 50% bonus for pre-sale participants.

  • Q4 – 2017

    ICO process is completed and tokens are distributed. Work continues on the platform to bring all of the blockchain technology and security features to a fully operational state.

  • Q4 – 2017

    Our sales and marketing teams begin the critical process of onboarding our first round of publishers, advertising agencies and advertisers to prepare for the beta launch in Q1 – 2018

  • Q1 – 2018

    The beta version of the Smoke Exchange is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2018 and will be available for use by new advertisers and the general public by this deadline.

  • Q1 – 2018

    Business development and customer acquisition become the main focus as we work on rapidly expanding into the marketplace by aggressively marketing and promoting our platform.


What is the Smoke Exchange and what is its purpose?

The Smoke Exchange is a self-serve advertising exchange and has the same type of functionality as Google Adwords and the Facebook advertising platform.

The difference is that the Smoke Exchange will be used specifically to service the marijuana industry and will help to connect publishers and advertisers who are currently not allowed to advertise on the other mainstream exchanges.

How is the token used?

The Smoke Exchange token (SMX) will act as the only currency used by the advertising exchanges software.

If you want to buy advertising credit on the Smoke Exchange you will either have to deposit SMX tokens into your account or you can trade BTC, ETH, or DopeCoin and it will be automatically converted into SMX tokens at the current market price at the time of deposit.

What is the price of SMX tokens?

Each SMX token is available for purchase during the ICO for $1.10 USD. If you participate in the ICO using DopeCoin you will receive a 10% bonus.

Which wallet should I use to purchase smoke exchange tokens?

Smoke Exchange token is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token. Token holders can easily store and manage their SMX using existing Ethereum clients, including the official Ethereum wallet, Mist, and MyEtherWallet.com.

Who can participate in the ICO?

Citizens from the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong or Taiwan cannot participate in the Smoke Exchange ICO due to current laws and SEC regulations. You can participate in the Smoke Exchange ICO if you are not a citizen  or do not reside permanently on any of the mentioned countries. Additionally, you will not be able to participate if you have a permanent residence in countries such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, or any other territories under the United States control.

Why do users of the platform get a 10% bonus if they withdraw or deposit funds using dopecoin?

The Smoke Exchange is brought to you by the creators of DopeCoin.

The idea and concept to create a self-serve advertising exchange for the marijuana industry were first conceived and announced back in January of 2017.

DopeCoin can be considered as the parent company responsible for bringing this entire project to life and both projects and communities will remain closely linked.

The 10% bonus given to users of the Smoke Exchange who deposit or withdraw funds in DopeCoin is designed to not only bring a real world functionality to DopeCoin but to also reward users of the advertising exchange.

Why build a new token instead of just using dopecoin?

In order to crowd fund for this project, it is necessary to create a new token so that we have a tangible asset to distribute to team members, advisors and investors. It would be impossible to launch a project of this scale otherwise.

How will dopecoins involvement affect its price and will it impact the value or functionality of the smoke exchange token?

The Smoke Exchange token (SMX) will be the only currency actually used by the advertising exchanges internal software and the only way to buy advertising space.

As a result, it will always be in demand and will not be affected.

DopeCoin will provide advertisers a 10% bonus on deposits and publishers a 10% bonus on payouts and should make it the preferred way to spend or receive money when using the advertising exchange.

Many believe that this will be a big benefit for DopeCoin and as the platform grows its user base we should see solid volume increases for both currencies.

Will other marijuana related cryptocurrencies be added to the exchange in the future?

Yes, it is our mission to add other marijuana-related cryptocurrencies to the platform as well as additional alt coins. The more communities that we are able to involve, the more cryptocurrency users we will attract to the project.

Why don't I see this ICO advertised on Facebook, Youtube, or Google ads?

Due to the fact that this is a marijuana related business we are not able to advertise on any of the mainstream platforms in a traditional way. This is the exact reason that we are building out the Smoke Exchange platform.

Token Information

Token Symbol:SMX
Total Supply:427’204 SMX
Token Address:0xf30ce9807e55bb1bbdf0417fed1e2e518bcc03bc